That’s not Kevin Flynn!

That’s not Kevin Flynn!

I felt like I needed to take a challenge today and push myself to draw something that I would find difficult. I was thinking a face and decided to draw Kevin Flynn from the movie Tron Legacy (aka Jeff Bridges).

Jeff has a very interesting face and his look in the movie is almost God like. The picture I printed wasn’t high quality and a bit dark. I thought this would be a good opportunity to observe the light and dark areas in the image to force me to draw in a different way then I’m used to drawing so far.

I had about 40 minutes today and was also able get one of those comfy seats in the library which meant I could hold the Surface Tablet more like a sketchbook in my hands. This really made a difference in trying to get more accurate strokes.

The reference image was a close up of his face and shoulders only which I wanted to try draw to fit the whole screen. Doing a rough sketch of the shape of his face was largely correct and getting his eyes, nose and mouth in the right place required some close observation.

I added the neck and shoulders in as well just so I could get a better idea of scale and proportions. I positioned the eyes and at this point my sketch was kind of looking like a pirate!

Next was the nose and the mouth and this was where I started trying to focus on the light and dark areas in the image. Using a new layer and the old one as an under drawing I let rip! In my mind the sketch was looking terrible but I kept going, erasing and correcting along the way.

I really had to just keep telling myself to keep drawing the dark areas as I was seeing them and not worry too much about the final outcome.

With the eyes and nose in place I was getting a better idea of how this sketch would turn out. The beard was difficult to work out because Kevin Flynn has a white beard with lots of black areas as well.

The film has some excellent costume designs and the computer world that has been created for the characters uses vibrant colours with lots of dark blue tones. This light effect is amazing and the reference image has this feel to it.

Having drawn only the dark areas so far I could now see that the face was starting to look like being in the shadows with ambient light surrounding him.

The hair was interesting because there was more black areas than white and so it was easier to figure out. I also started looking at the sketch as a whole and noticed that the left eye looked too small because I hadn’t drawn the eyelids.

I had a couple of minutes left so I added a few more details and added the missing dark areas to the left eye.

Done, but what happed to Kevin Flynn from Tron Legacy? Ok, I know this sketch only has a passing resemblance to the Kevin Flynn character but I’m not disappointed because this sketch was fun and I learnt a little more about drawing.

Watch me drawing this on my YouTube channel

Reference image: Kevin Flynn from the movie Tron Legacy