Superman Sketches

Superman Sketches

Superman is an iconic figure and has been drawn in so many different ways over the years. I saw the book Superman Volume 2: Secrets and Lies and liked the expressions of Superman and so decided to draw a couple of sketches of his face.

I have to say from the start I was struggling to capture the expressions on his face. The exact lines that create such emotion in the drawings are amazing in this comic collection.

I probably struggled more because I was just copying the lines rather than thinking about what I was drawing – in other words I wasn’t concentrating!

The face at the bottom right was one I almost didn’t try but I’m glad I did. It’s still Superman but he’s angry in this scene as he begins flying upward. The eyes the mouth, his hair combine to present anger and motion together.

I tried to be loose in getting the emotion but I think in the end I made him look too angry.

The last face in the bottom is my least favourite, the proportions of the face doesn’t look right and his mouth is smirking rather than brooding as in the reference image. It’s amazing how much the character’s face changes by just a slight change in curvature of the mouth.

Although I think I could have done better this was still practise in the right direction because I intentionally picked awkward face poses to help me learn the art of drawing faces.

Watch me drawing this on my YouTube channel

Reference image: Superman Volume 2: Secrets and Lies