Superman saves the day!

Superman saves the day!

This week I have been trying to draw whole scenes from comics to gain some drawing confidence. I came back to the Superman comic that I’ve been reading recently and picked a panel with lots happening.

I started with Superman’s face and the women he’s just saved. At some point I want to be able to construct the main shapes in the scene first rather than just pick a spot and start drawing. I know this is something I need to learn because it will help with proportions and perspective in my drawings.

I’ve read that most people start off like this and slowly learn how to construct after their time of drawing practise starts to pay off.

Once I had the women sketched out I felt more confident that I would be able to get the rest of the sketch done. You’ll notice that I also decided to choose a lighter colour for the sketch. Before this I was changing the opacity of the layer to make it an under drawing but I think this way is a better idea.

The plan is to sketch out the panel in this light colour on one layer and do the final inking in black on another layer.

The little girl that Superman has saved under the other arm was a bit confusing to draw since there are 2 character’s legs dangling all over the place. I also had a few problems with Superman’s arm looking like it’s of stuck on rather than a part of him.

Her little teddy bear is a nice touch by the original artist and adds to the scene quite nicely.

I re-drew Superman’s head because it didn’t look quite right and then created a new layer and began drawing in black. It’s amazing how the drawing starts to come alive with the black lines. I hadn’t planned to colour this in but decided that the drawing would look a bit confused if I didn’t.

I found this way of inking very satisfying because it’s easy to clean and correct the drawing using the under drawing as a guide.

I think my version of Superman looks more haggard than the one in the comic! The girl also looks older in my drawing than she should but I like the way her hair shows she’s been rushed away.

I was going for the colouring pencil type look and think it turned out pretty good. Once I had all the legs drawn and coloured all those legs finally made some sense.

The women’s facial expressions turned out ok since she’s supposed to be looking startled. I adjusted her outstretched arm because it was too long and battled with making her hand not look like a claw!

After a few final finishing touches and the motion lines to indicate that Superman is flying, I was finally done. There are several issues with perspective and proportions but in the end it’s a good effort.

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Reference image: Superman Volume 2: Secrets and Lies