Superman confronts a foe

Superman confronts a foe

I picked this panel from the Superman comic I’ve been reading because of the perspective in the art. I still have problems drawing related objects so that they look like there’re in the same space but closer or farther from each other.

The angle in this panel should make Superman look like the dominant one in this confrontation. There’s also the background objects that place the characters in their surroundings.

I began the sketch with the foe first but was having a problem with scale. Luckily, drawing digitally means you can just resize the drawing if things aren’t working out.

The more I draw digitally, the more I’m preferring it to traditionally drawing. Sketchbook Pro is so intuitive that I’m finding although I barely know how to use lots of its features, I am quickly learning them as I need them.

After resizing I fleshed out the body by redrawing the bits that didn’t look right. There’s a big column behind the character that I drew in next as a way to ground the sketch so that I could start on Superman.

Since Superman is kind of towering over the foe I needed to make him look bigger because he’s closer to us but also had to make sure he wasn’t too big compared to the other character.

I decided to draw the biggest shape his cape and then added his head. It’s mostly the back of his head which is harder to figure out since it’s an angle that I haven’t drawn that much. It looked a little big and his face looked too fat, but I left it for later.

His left arm was a problem too but I kept at it and got it right in the end. A quick adjustment to his cape and then I tackled the background.

On a new layer was the fun part, the inking! It’s so cool watching the scene come alive while correcting and sculpting the under drawing. Superman’s foe now looked like he was standing ready for action rather than looking a bit lifeless.

The cape needed to look flowing so I tried to use clean unbroken lines. Now was also my chance to slim down the fat face and make the arm look less limp. I also adjusted the leg to the correct position.

Superman’s neck still looked too fat so I adjusted that again. After putting in the background and a bit of shading here and there, the two characters now looked correct in their surroundings.

Another fruitful practise session and I’m really enjoying this drawing thing!

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Reference image: Superman Volume 2: Secrets and Lies