Man Shouting

Man Shouting

In keeping with my no fear attitude to drawing I thought I would try sketching a quick likeness of one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches. I don’t know what it’s officially called so I’m going to call it ‘man shouting’, yes very imaginative, I know.

I set myself a 25 minute time limit and quickly started sketching…

The top of the eye brow seemed like a good point to start but after my first attempt I realised the drawing wasn’t going to fit the page so I erased it and started again. Better to erase it now than after I’ve spent lots of time drawing in details.

I could tell that the eye was too big and the nose too short but I continued anyway just to get a feel for the proportion of the bottom of the face. Once I had the bottom half done I erased the top half and redrew the nose to be longer.

The eye still looked too big so I worked on that again. Another thing I’ve been learning about is to be able to look at the drawing as a whole and not focus too much on certain sections.

Looking at the whole sketch I could see the nose needed to be flattened, the open mouth looked skewed and some of the edges needed to be defined and cleaned.

I was having difficulty with the mouth so added the dark shading underneath his lip so I could understand the curved shape of it more easily. I also reworked his shoulder and neck so that it matched the direction he’s looking in.

I don’t know how to do shading on a Surface Tablet yet so I just went with good ol’ lines to put some shading in to give this shouting man some resemblance to the reference image.

With the time I had left and my inexperience with digital shading the best I could do was to pick parts of the face that I saw as the most important to shade. I also re-adjusted the ear and added the rest of the outline of the head.

With most of the shading done, I could see that the outlines on the left side were too dark as well as the shading around the eye. I used the soft erase tool to lighten those parts of the sketch.

I’ve looked at the finished sketch several times since drawing it and I really can’t figure out whether it’s any good – the mouth still looks skewed and the shading too rough!

Well good or not, trying to draw from great artists is bound to be a great learning experience!

Watch me drawing this on my YouTube channel

Reference image: Leonardo da Vinci’s Sketch