Iron Man Sketch

Iron Man Sketch

It’s been a while since I got time to draw in my lunch break, but today I had time to go to the library. I set myself the challenge of drawing for 30 minutes.

I googled some comic book stuff and found this Iron Man still from the Anime film of the same name. Iron Man is an interesting character to draw since he’s a robot with a surprisingly human body.

It’s amazing how the artists who draw him are able to give a robot such a range of expressions, especially since he doesn’t even have a nose!

I started lose trying to identify the shapes and get the scale right. I got the scale wrong and had to resize the image to fit the screen.

The top of the head I found hard to work out but using my stylus to measure the bottom half of his face and the top part of his head showed that they were the same width. The top of the head looked very odd and out of proportion but I carried on.

The initial sketch started getting a bit messy so I created a new layer and turned down the opacity on the original layer. I have found I really like drawing like this because I can use the lines I got right to help draw on the new layer. I can also ignore the lines I got wrong without having to do any messy erasing.

In an effort to try and make sense of his head, I started there and after a bit of shaping the head stopped looking so weird. Next was the body which I realised I had drawn too small in relation to his head. Then I tackled that famous hand pose.

The main sketch was coming together so I made a new layer and changed to a black colour. His head and body are supposed to be a metal alloy so I added some hints of shading to try and make him look metallic.

By the time I got to the hand, I looked at the clock and time was running out so I raced to finish the sketch!

I have been so busy recently and this 30 minute sketch allowed my mind to be carefree and peaceful, maybe that’s why I like the way the sketch it turned out?

Watch me drawing this on my YouTube channel

Reference image: Iron Man Anime (2010)