Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange

This character leapt out at me from the page as I was flicking through the comic. Hugo Strange in this style looks like a mix between the classic mad professor and scientist. It’s the round glasses, laughing mouth and beard that scream malevolence.

I started with a quick establishing sketch to try and figure out Hugo’s face and features. The two main features that helped me map the face were the glasses and the mouth.

It was raining today so I wasn’t in the park and was in the library near work instead. By the time I had mapped out the face I heard one of the teenagers on the table next to me say ‘I think he’s drawing comics’. It dawned on me that I had a minor audience…

It’s a nice feeling to know that I’m making progress and I don’t mean in my drawing, I mean in my mindset. There was a time when I would be thinking I can’t draw but now I just sketch away without being self conscious about whether someone is watching or not.

As I started the nose I noticed it’s odd shape and also the thin upper lip which gives Hugo Strange his baddie look. I like the slight curve on the bottom lip because it adds to the up-to-no-good look.

The body was fairly straight forward but the hands were a different matter. They are cartoony hands and the one on the left I’ve drawn too high – it looks out of place. With time running out I left it as is.

The beard also needs some erasing underneath so that it’s shape is clearer.

Overall I’m pleased with this attempt and am sure some of the things I’ve learnt today will help me in the future.

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Reference image: Batman: The Brave and the Bold: The Fearsome Fang Strikes Again volume 2