Batman in action!

Batman in action!

This is one of my first attempts at drawing on a Surface Pro 2 and I picked Batman to start off with. I wanted to try and capture the movement as per the comic and tried to keep my drawing loose to start off with.

Having roughly figured out the proportions in my head I started with the head and worked from there. The batarang’s size was difficult to judge initially because it should look like it’s coming out at the reader.

I left that problem alone at first by just putting a kind of placeholder in so that once I had worked out the rest of the body, I could proportion it correctly.

I created a new layer to make my initial sketch the under drawing and started to construct the drawing with more details to the shapes. The mouth in the comic is slightly open so I had to get that right to make Batman look like he’s concentrating on his throw and not smiling.

I decided to focus more on the motion and expression of Batman rather than his costume since I only had about 20 minutes.

The rest of his body under the batarang on the right hand side started turning into a bit of a mess so I just erased it in the end.

Next came another layer so that I could sculpt the drawing a bit more and get rid of some of the mistakes. I added a bit of quick shading to make him look more dynamic and had a few minutes to spare.

The shadow/black part of batman’s mask needed to be darker to give him that determined look. All in all the finished sketch looks good I think.

Watch me drawing Batman in action on my YouTube channel

Reference image: Batman: The Brave and the Bold: The Fearsome Fang Strikes Again volume 2