Batman and Beast Boy!

Batman and Beast Boy!

I was sitting in the local library waiting for my son to finish his free running lesson and thought I’d use the time to draw. This drawing took about 50 minutes to complete. I think the drawing needs some shading to give the characters depth but alas, I ran out of time.

I drew this on a Surface Pro 2 and found that when trying to draw on the edges, things like the taskbar and start menu kept getting activated which was irritating.

I managed to get Batman’s face and proportions correct fairly quickly but found Beast Boy’s face a bit harder to work out. I’m still working on judging big shapes first and then the smaller ones.

To get all the proportions right it took 2 under drawings although I still think Beast Boy’s face needed to be a bit more rounded.

I’m seeing improvements in my digital drawings but am still finding it difficult to draw smoothly and cleanly. I had to use the eraser tool towards the end of the drawing to clean up the edges.

I almost ended up with more of a penguin type nose for Batman when I was finishing off but was able to get it right – eventually. This is a lesson I am starting to learn when drawing – if it doesn’t look right, keep correcting until you get it right.

These two characters work well in the cartoon TV series with the serious Batman being complemented with the light-hearted Beast Boy. The open smile of Beast Boy and serious look of Batman demonstrates this partnership well.

I think I’ll continue with drawing different characters from this comic book this week because I’m enjoying drawing this style so much.

Watch me drawing Batman in action on my YouTube channel

Reference image: Batman: The Brave and the Bold: The Fearsome Fang Strikes Again volume 2