Accomplished Perfect Physician, August General in Iron and Batman

Accomplished Perfect Physician, August General in Iron and Batman

Today I was feeling adventurous and had already decided I wanted to try and tackle a full scene with more than one character in it. I picked this scene because it not only involves 3 characters but involves perspective drawing as well.

Drawing several objects together requires working out the space between them as well as judging their shapes and how they relate to each other. I haven’t really drawn several interacting objects together so rather than being apprehensive I just started with the biggest shape first – Accomplished Perfect Physician.

Learning how to judge sizes and draw them so that they fit the whole page is also a valuable drawing skill and I think I’m improving.

I had to redraw his left arm and hand because it didn’t match the points that I was mapping out in relation to his face. Finding landmarks is something that Jake Spicer talks about in his book Draw People in 15 Minutes, which I have found a very useful way of positioning elements of a drawing.

15 minutes in and I started on August General in Iron, his body seemed to be a mixture of boxes and rounded shapes so I decided to proportion him in a loose sketch using circles and ovals. It took several attempts to get his body right in relation to my already drawn character.

Finally I drew the rough shapes of batman in the background. I could see my 25 minute time limit coming to an end and so I quickly created a new layer and redrew Accomplished Perfect Physician using the layer underneath as my guide.

The left eye was a bit difficult because it’s so thin and drawing precise marks on the Surface Tablet 2 is proving awkward.

The next day at lunch time I set myself a 30 minute time limit to finish this sketch off. I finished drawing Accomplished Perfect Physician and moved on to detailing August General in Iron. There seems to be so much going on with this character that I wasn’t sure if I was going to get him right.

Working on his armour like body I realised that compared to the image in the comic my sketch had him standing too far back and also meant that Batman would have to be only partially in the scene since he is standing further behind August General in Iron.

In the end after much working out I think I got a good likeness although there are many points that can be improved.

Poor old Batman was last and he is only half visible because of my mistake with August General in Iron and he was drawn quickly because not only was time running out but so was my battery on my Surface Pro!

Looking at the finished sketch, I’m rather pleased with it because there’s quite a few objects in this composition and most look in their correct positions.

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Reference image: Batman: The Brave and the Bold: The Fearsome Fang Strikes Again volume 2